Tuesday, 16th May 2017

To celebrate some of the Directors had a walk around the property and showed Barbara Jenkin ( a local photographer) around who kindly took 140 photos of the site as it now looks.  We thought a ‘Before and after’ series of photos would be good. It was a very rainy, wet day but Jan had bought her Galaxy with the seats out and we set about filling it with some of the mountain of stuff left on site and taking it to the dump. Three trips to the dump later and one to the scrap metal merchant and the clearing up process was now underway in earnest. A site this big needs a systematic approach. Ross had already attacked some of the waist high weeds in the courtyard both with some weed killer and a hoe!  The rain was clearly showing us where the leaks were in the mining exchange and a roof inspection was called for. Ross and one of his workers planned to do this on the next fine day.